The Management kindly requests all guests to observe the following rules of mutual respect so as to assure them a peaceful and comfortable stay.

  1. All campers must be registered. An identity document must be left in the office before entering the campsite. Every guest will receive  an ID bracelet that must be worn for the whole of your stay and must be returned upon departure. The ACSI CARD and every other Camping Cards doesn’t replace the personal identity document. Camping Card holders have to leave an identity document at the reception for the check-in. If not campers can’t enter.
  2. Persons who wish to visit people inside the campsite, even if relatives or friends, must leave their documents at the entrance, leave out the car and pay the regular rate after 1 hour. However they have to left the campsite within 22:00 O ‘clock; after this time the visitors are not permitted.
  3. The stay is calculated on the number of nights which the guests spend inside the campsite. Departures must take place before 13:00 O’clock. Any delay will costs the camper another campsite’s day.
  4. People under 18 must be with parents or with one person over 18 that is for they responsible.
  5. From 23:30 to 08:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00 there are quite hours. The entry to the campsite will be closed to cars. Motorcycles may enter or leave with the motor switched off. During the quite hours must be absolute silence. During this times tents cannot be erected or taken down. Excessive noise is also prohibited on the beach and in the immediate surroundings of the campsite. Parents have to pay attention to their children. Those who do not respect the hours of absolute silence will be told to leave the campsite.
  6. Please leave the place of your tent/caravan/motor-home clean, or you will be charged Euro 50,00 for cleaning.
  7. All guests are obliged to comply with any directions from the Management, regarding in particular parking place for cars and space given for tents or caravans.
  8. If you book a renting accommodation, guests will be responsible of it and hits equipment. Breakings, damages and missing objects will be charged at purchase price. We ask our guests to check everything and advise the Reception about any defect.
  9. The car-fare corresponds to the ground given to the guest by the Management of the campsite. Therefore the Management declines every responsibility for damage and theft that might be caused to the vehicle.
  10. Please do the washing and washing up in the places provided for these purposes.
  11. It is forbidden to make fires in the campsite or in the immediate surroundings. Charcoal barbecue are forbidden.
  12. Please respect the trees and equipment and do not drop litter on the ground.
  13. It is strictly forbidden any type of drainage in the embrasures usual for the rain water.
  14. It is forbidden to connect on the electrical equipment washing machines, electrical plates or ovens.
  15. The Management cannot be held responsible for the loss of any valuables.
  16. Terms of acceptance for dogs have to be fixed with the Management. Dog-owners are responsible for any damage caused by their dog. Please keep dogs on leash; they can go walking on the beach along the pathway but they cannot enter the swimming pool area or the toilet-facilities.
  17. All guests are obliged to comply with any modifications or eventual changes in these regulations.
  18. To mantain a good relationship with the Beach-consortium, we please our guests who want to lay down on the free beach, not to do it to close to the renting sunbeds. Private sunbeds and umbrellas are not alllowed on the shoreline infront oft he consortium.
  19. The above regulations are irrevocable. All campsite-staff are allowed to enforce these regulations and to inform the Management about any offender.

N.B.: The Management reserves the faculty not to accept unwelcome guests and turn away who creates problems to the campsite activities.