To assure all Guests a pleasant stay, we ask everybody to maintain a respectful behaviour on the campsite, on the beach and in their neighbourhoods.

Dogs are allowed maximum 2 without extra charges on the camping.
We kindly ask the owners to follow these essential rules:

Pets are admitted in the following renting accommodations: caravan Standard, caravan Aqua and mobile home Sole. The mandatory end-of-stay cleaning of € 30,00 will be charged.

If you don’t want your dog to get stressed by a daily trip to Venice, or to some places where it is not allowed to enter, you can ask the reception for an outside daily kennel for dogs or dog-sitting service.


If you want to take your dog with you to the beach, you can go to the free beach in Cortellazzo (about 2,5 km from the campsite, easy to reach by bus) or to the Bau-Bau Beach, a bordered beach zone equipped for dogs that is near the hospital (4,5 Km far from us).

For more information:
Tel: +39 348 551 7714