1 – BOOK

Click on the blue button “BOOK”, insert the details of your stay, see the quote and the details of the accommodation, insert your contact details and confirm the booking.

2 – PAY

Sign up to your account and pay the deposit by credit card of bank transfer within the following day


Log in to your account to insert the personal datas of all the people that will stay, so we can reduce the waiting time at your arrival.



Prices are per night, VAT 10% included.
Tourist tax not included. Shower token not included, valid for hot water in the campsite bathrooms € 0,50.
The dates of the periods and offers include until the night before the last date indicated.
Only gas barbecues are allowed.


Arrival: 8:00-12:00, 15:00-22:00 (for bookings from 15:00)
Departure: 8:00-12:00
Without reservation, no minimum number of nights.
For bookings, minimum 2 nights in low season and 7 nights in high season. A maximum of 6 people (including infants) are allowed on the pitch.
From 05/08 to 21/08 a minimum of 2 people are charged on the pitch.
Pets are allowed free of charge (max 2).


Arrival: 17:00-22:00
Departure: 8:00-10:00
minimum 2 nights in low season and 7 nights in high season.
The accommodation price includes the number of persons indicated and 1 parking space. Additional persons/cars are charged according to the price list.
The accommodation cannot accommodate more people than the maximum number allowed, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.
Air conditioning, where present, is included in the price for 6h/night. Clima-card is rechargeable € 1,00/h.
Optional final cleaning € 40,00. On departure the staff will check the cleanliness and any damage.
Pets allowed (max 2) in Caravan Standard, Caravan Aqua and Mobile Home Sole, mandatory final cleaning € 30,00.
Bed linen and towels on request, with extra charge.


1.1- Booking and Contract
Reservations can be sent to our address by e-mail or through the booking engine on our website.
By receiving the request, the booking office will send a non-binding quotation for the stay which includes: type of accommodation or pitch, date of arrival and departure, total amount of the stay. The quote must be verified by the Customer and confirmed by e-mail.
The booking office will send a booking offer with a deposit paying procedure (amount and expiration date), the bank details for the money transfer, the balance payment conditions. The Customer can also make a direct booking through our website.
By confirming the booking and/or paying the deposit/balance, the contract is to be considered binding and the present General Conditions are to be considered accepted. The Camping considers the booking as confirmed only after having received the required deposit/balance.
Customer’s requests about a specific pitch or accommodation number will be considered as preferences and, when possible, satisfied but they can’t be guaranteed for management organization purpose.
Special offers or packages are subject to precise and particular terms and conditions, as shown in the same one.

1.2- Minimum stay for bookings
The minimum stay for pitches is 2 nights in low season and 7 nights in high season.
By renting accommodations: minimum 2 nights in low season and 7 nights in high season.

1.3- Payment conditions
If Customer decide to make/confirm the booking, he must pay the deposit/balance within the terms shown in the booking offer and according to the following procedures:

  • deposit (for an amount established by the booking office) within the expiration date indicated on the booking offer; for bookings made online on our official website, the deposit is required within 12 hours
  • balance of the rest amount within 7 days before the arrival;
  • for last minute bookings (less than 7 days) the deposit of 100% of the total amount is required the same day.

Payments can be remitted by bank transfer or by credit card (communicating CC details). The following Credit Cards are accepted: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, VPay, PostePay, CartaSi

WARNING: non-observance of the terms of payment as above mentioned shall constitute a rescinding clause that would result in the legal termination of the contract by the Camping, except for the compensation for further damages suffered by the organization.
Any failure to comply with the terms of the payment, will result in the loss of the economic conditions and all the related benefits.
Should the Camping notice a price difference due to a wrong communication during the booking procedures the lacking amount must be paid by the customer on arrival day, at the cash office.

1.4- Booking changes/cancellation
The booking must be done by the guest who will stay. It is personal and not transferable.
Changes or cancellation are accepted only if sent in writing per e-mail and confirmed by the booking office.
Changes to the booking are allowed without penalty charged up to 8 days before the day of arrival.
Cancellations of the booking are allowed without penalty charged up to 8 days before the day of arrival. The deposit will be refund, except € 20,00 for cancellation fee.
If cancellations are communicated from 7 to 0 days before the day of arrival, the Camping withheld the 30% of the totale amount as penalty, while the rest amount of 70% will be refund.

The Customer can use the deposit (net of the cancellation fee) as voucher for a new reservation within the end of the current summer. The amount of the new reservation can be equal to or greater than the amount of the voucher. No refund in case of partial use of the voucher. The voucher is not transferable.

1.5- Service supply
On arrival at the Camping, the Customer must contact the reception with the confirmation voucher and the personal document of identification. The check-in and check-out times, as well as the pitch/accommodation availability are specified in paragraph “2- Check-in and CHeck-out” of the present Conditions.
Should the Customer not arrive by 10:00 am of the day following the day of arrival, without giving any notice to the booking office, the booking is to be considered cancelled and the pitch/accommodation return to Management’s disposition. No refund is in this case vorseen and the full amount paid is considered as penalty.
The full amount must be paid for the entire period booked, even in case of late arrival or early departure. The amount will be calculated as follows:

  • for pitches, from the price list Camping the “pitch occupied but inhabitated” price
  • for renting accommodations, from the price list Village the current full price

1.6- Changes and receding by Camping Parco Capraro
By non-observance of the terms of payment within the payment deadline indicated in the booking offer the Camping has the right to cancel the reservation.
The Camping has the right to modify/cancel the reservation for good reasons, causes beyond control and/or accidental case, informing the Customer well in advance.

Upon arrival, each guest is requested to hand over valid proof of identity for the legal registration procedure.

2.1 – For unriservable pitches
Check-in from 8.00 am – 12.00 am and from 3.00 – 10.00 pm.
Check-out from 8.00 am – 12.00 am.

2.2 – For reservable pitches/accommodation
On the day of arrival, pitches are available from 3.00 pm, renting accommodations are available from 5.00 pm.
On the day of departure the accommodation must be free by 10.00 am, the pitch must be free by 12.00 am.
We suggest you to plan the journey accordingly to this times.

WARNING: Should the Guest not leave the pitch/accommodation within the expected time, another night price will be charged, according to the current price list (except for special offers).
By the departure, all bracelets and the camping pass must be returned (penalty of € 10 for each non-returned bracelet or camping-pass) and the personal identication document is returned.

The prices are per night. One night ends at 12.00 am, independently from the arrival time. The dates pointed on the price list and special offer periods show the first night and the last day (by 12.00 am) of validity.
The price of the renting accommodation includes the people as pointed in the price list (max 4, depending on the type) and 1 parking space. The extra persons, according to the capacity of each type, pay the current price depending on the age.
The price of the pitch referrers to the full area, occupied by one vehicle (tent, caravan or camper) including the electricity connection up to 6 A and, where provided, water and waste water dumping. One parking space is included in the pitch price called “& Park”.
The VAT, the use of the pools, gym, sport places, play ground and the entertainment program are included in the prices.
Extra charges are: the city tax, hot water at the toilet facilities (€ 0,50/coin, 30 lts), ari-conditioning recharge, parasol and sunchairs at the pool and at the beach, other possible extras.

Payments are allowed by cash (according to law amount limit), debit or credit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Vpay, CartaSi). No bank cheques or traveller’s cheque are accepted.
We please you to pay the bill on the day of arrival, (if you arrive without reservation). Cash office opening times: 8.00 am – 12.00 am and 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm.

The Guest can choose whether clean the accommodation/pitch or pay the end-of-stay cleaning for € 40,00. The campsite’s sta will make a check before Guest‘s departure. Guests are responsible for any damage or lack to the accommodation and its furniture caused by carelessness.

Pets are allowed all over the camping, except for the pool area and the toilet facilities.
The presence of pets and their quantity must be reported at the time of the booking and check-in. Pet’s owner must give a phone number to be on call if necessary.
Should the Guest stay in a pitch, no additional costs are charged.
Should the Guest rent an accommodation of the type Caravan Standard, Caravan Aqua, Mobile Home Sole, the mandatory end-of-stay cleaning € 30,00 are charged. Pets are not allowed in Mobile Home Marine and Oasi.
Dog Owners are asked to follow the following rules:

  • don’t leave the dog alone in the accommodation or at the pitch (it is possible to book a dog sitting service at the reception)
  • dogs must always be kept on a lead, must not disturb other Guests or enter their pitch/accommodation
  • dogs must be taken outside for their toilet requirement and all dog poop must be collected by the purpose-designed bags
  • dogs must have been submitted to all vaccinations envisaged by the Italian Law

Dog owners are fully responsible for their pet’s behavior, as well as for any damage caused to others or to Camping facilities.
Management reserves the right to deny immediate access to Guests who fail to abide by these rules.
Any cruelty to pets will be reported to the relevant authorities.

The Management will not be held liable for theft, accident or damages to property or persons, nor it will be held liable for damages caused by storms, hail, falling trees, branches or pine cones, illness, including that of plants, epidemics, fire, forse majeure, etc. Guests are advised to take out an insurance policy covering their equipment, campsite risks and cases of contract receding and booking cancellation.
The Camping Rules are integral part of these General Conditions.