The Management kindly requests all Guests to observe the following rules of mutual respect so as to assure them a peaceful and comfortable stay.

Entering the campsite the Guest entirely accept the present regulation. The Camping Rules are integral part of the General conditions.

All Guests must be registered before they enter the campsite. They must consign a valid identification document at the reception according with the national regulations and put on the camping’s identification bracelet. They receive a camping-pass which is personal and non transferable, which must be returned together with the bracelet by the departure (penalty of € 10,00 for each missing bracelet or pass). The camping card ACSI or similar cards do not stand for the personal document. Cards owners must show their personal document and leave it at the reception for the time necessary to complete the registration. Otherwise they can’t enter the campsite.

People who want to visit our guests, including relatives or friends, must leave their personal document at the reception, put on the visitor’s bracelet, leave the car on the outside parking space and pay the regular fair if the permanence lasts over 1 hour. Visits are permitted from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. After 10.00 pm no daily visitors are admitted.

Underage guests must be accompanied by a parent or an adult which is legally responsible for their behaviour for the entire duration of the stay.
The adults are directly responsible for their minors and pay attention that their behaviour don’t disturb other Guests’ tranquillity.

Afternoon rest: from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Night rest: from 11.30 pm alle ore 08:00 am
During this siesta hours it is forbidden to enter/exit or move the vehicles inside the camping. Motorbikes can only be pushed in and out. The peace and tranquillity must be respected both on the entire camping and on its proximity (including the beach). It is forbidden to drive kick scooters and bikes. Parents must control that their children respect the silence during the siesta. The Direction save the right to modify these times in case of necessity.

The pitch can be chosen by the Guests or, when this is not possible, it is allocated by the check-in personnel. The Guests must observe the management dispositions to park their vehicle and set out the equipment within the boundaries of the pitch, which is suitable for the type of equipment.
By renting an accommodation, the Guests who receive the keys become responsible for the accommodation and of its equipment. They are pleased to verify their conditions and communicate the reception any imperfection. Damages or missing objects spotted at guests’ departure, caused by carelessness to the accommodation or its furniture, will be charged on the check.

We please our Guests to help us maintaining the grass by not spreading out plastic tarps under tents or verandas, which don’t allow the soil to perspire, and by not digging furrows or holes on the pitches. Please take care of the plants and the equipment of the camping.
Near the sanitary facilities are located the recycling bins:

  • yellow bins for paper
  • blue bins for plastic, glass and can
  • brown bins for organic waste
  • pale blue for non-recyclable waste

To avoid water wastefulness and guarantee 24/7 service, hot water on campsite facilities works with tokens. One token guarantees 30 lt. For an aware consumption of resources, in the accommodations the air-conditioning is provided for free 6 hours per day, extra hours must be recharged on the air-conditioning-card at the reception.

Cleanliness is a top priority for Camping Parco Capraro. We kindly please our Guests to cooperate in keeping everything in a good state, in order to assure all Guests a pleasant stay. It is forbidden to throw paper, cigarette butts or chewing gums on the ground. Dogs excrements must be collected using the purpose-designed bags and thrown away in the non-recyclable bins.

The pitches are supplied with 8A of electrical power. The supply is based on the energy consumption of low-powered devices. It is forbidden to connect devices such as washing machines, water boilers, heaters, cooking plates or electrical ovens. Any damage caused by inappropriate use of the net will be charged to the responsible.

In order to maintain a good relationship with the Group that manages the beach service, the Guests who want to use the free are on the beach are kindly pleased not to lie down to close to the rst line of the renting parasols. Private parasols and sun chairs are not allowed on the foreshore in front of the beach service (renting parasols).
For your own safety, it is forbidden to bath when the sea is rough, during storms, at night, or beyond the bathing safety limit.
Bathing is not recommended when red flags are ying, indicating that there are no lifeguards present. We kindly ask our Guests to follow the life guards’ instruction.
Dogs can walk on the path, but they can’t lie or bath outside the delimited zones defined by municipal ordinance.

A- In the sanitary facilities, sinks and washbasins must be used for their specific purpose, as the boards indicate.
B- Extractable tanks of chemical bath must be empty in the specific Chemical WC in the sanitary facilities. Unmovable chemical bath must be empty into the two dened Chemical Pitches
C- It’s forbidden to light res on the camping, on its proximity and on the beach. The barbecue with firewood or charcoal is not permitted. Only gas-barbecues are allowed.
D- It’s forbidden to empty any liquids into the drains on the roads.
E- It’s forbidden to listen the radio or play musical instruments. The TV is allowed as long as the volume is not perceived outside the pitch or the accommodation.
F- It’s forbidden to play football or other sport outside from the play areas.
G- It’s forbidden to attach shade-providing awnings of any kind or size or washing lines to the trees.

It is especially forbidden:
1- Smoking inside the renting accommodation, the sanitary facilities and the common lodges all over the campsite (Art. 51, Law no. 3/2003 )
2- Bring any non-registered person into the campsite without permission (this person can be reported the police for violation of residence, Art. 614, Penal Code).
3- Make noise during the rest hours (afternoon: 1.00-3.00 pm; night: 11.30 pm-8.00 am) on the campsite and its proximity and on the beach.

The sanitary facilities for camper are opened and closed according to the number of people present on the campsite. This is done at Management’s unquestionable discretion. Guests are kindly asked to ask about the opening dates when choosing their pitch.

Guests who nd lost items in the common lodging inside the campsite or on its proximity are kindly asked to bring them at the reception.
The campsite is permanently supervised. Anyway we recommend that you take care of your personal ects and take appropriate precautions. Cash and valuable goods should not be left unattended inside caravans, tents or accommodations. At the reception a safety box service for cash and documents is provided for free. We recommend you not to leave valuable objects inside your car, especially at night. The Management will not be held liable for loss, theft, natural disaster, disturbances, accidents or damages caused by force majeure.

At the departure, Guests are kindly pleased to leave their pitch or accommodation clean and tidy.
To avoid any delays on the day of departure, Guests are advised to settle their bill on the previous day. Guests who have booked the stay previously must pay the rest amount at the arrival. These Guests, as well as Guests that have booked and paid through tour operators, can check-out, pay for any extra and the tourist tax on the day before the departure.
Cash oce opening hours: 8.00 am-12.30 am; 3.00 pm 6.00 pm
Payments can be made in cash (within the amount allowed by the law), by debit or credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Postepay, CartaSi). Bank cheques or Traveller’s cheques are not accepted. At the departure all bracelets and the camping-pass must be returned (penalty of € 10,00 for each non-returned bracelet/camping-pass) and the personal documents can be collected.

All previous rules are unquestionable. The sta of the campsite is allowed to enforce them and the Management saves the right to push away those persons whose behavior, at its judgement, disturb the tranquillity of the other Guests or violate the present rules.